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COVID-19 Update

June Update

As we are approach the shortest day of the year, we are becoming a lot busier – which is to be expected….winter during a pandemic!

Inevitably Covid continues to affect the way we do our work. And now heading into winter with Covid, the flu and other viruses – It is very important to be honest with us when we triage you on the phone and at the door regarding your symptoms. If you are not honest this puts us all at risk, including other patients in the waiting room.

We continue to have the separation of those with respiratory symptoms to be seen in the ‘Respiratory Clinic’ at the rear of the building. This system continues to work very well with protecting us all.

As you may know some of our team have had Covid, and we can expect that more may get sick. Because of this we do have to shuffle our appointments around at short notice and creates a limited amount of appointments available, as we can suddenly be doctors, nurses or receptionists down. We really do appreciate your patience and flexibility.

We will continue to see you when needed, but there sometimes maybe a bit of delay to see the doctor or nurse. is a great NZ website to look for self-help information.

Please remember, if you have any other health concerns please do not delay, call our team 04 2338019 or go onto MMH to make an appointment.

Thank you all for your support to helping us make our community safer.

Stay well.

21st March Update

We are getting very busy, managing Covid results and follow ups, testing and now dealing with staff shortages.
We would like to encourage you to book a virtual consultation opposed to an in the practice consultation as our appointments are limited at the moment.
Please remember to check online resources before phoning us regarding tests/isolation requirements/self care
It is very important over the next few weeks to please try to defer any non-urgent appointments until we are through this COVID peak.
We are here if you are sick – so please don’t hesitate to call us. 
Things like smears, drivers licence medicals and other routine health checks can be delayed a month or so.
Childhood immunisations are a priority for us so please call to make an appointment.
Thank you  for your understanding. We will be back to usual services soon!

Covid 19 – Practice Update March 2022

Please be aware especially over the next month or 2 when we suffer any staff shortages due to illness, we will be cancelling non-urgent appointments at short notice.
Front door Intercom
Recently we had installed an intercom at the front door – this is to assist us all in keeping us safe. It is important to be honest regarding your symptoms, as if you do have any Covid like symptoms we will manage your care in a safe way.
Manage My Health Update and Routine consultations can be delayed
Due to the unprecedented work load with Covid in our patients, the GPs and Nurses will not be responding to Manage my Health emails. The Manage My Health Email service option has been suspended for now.
We have made sure we have capacity to deal with anything urgent so please call the medical centre and we will telephone triage you.
The kind of things that can wait to be seen over the next month are:
·        Drivers medical (NZTA have extended all licences till the end of May)
·        Annual health checks (if you have no new urgent concerns)
·        3 yearly routine cervical smears
·        WINZ medical certificates
·        And anything else that can wait.
All childhood immunisations continue.
Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), Zostavax (Shingles), Boostrix (Diphtheria Tetanus and Whooping Cough), continue to be funded for certain groups. Further information available via the Practice or on the Ministry of Health website.
Covid In the Community
Now we have Covid amongst our community we will encourage where possible to telephone or video consults to reduce the number of people in the medical centre.
Most people who get COVID-19 will have a mild to moderate illness, and will fully recover in their own home. For those who need help, the healthcare system will always be available. Please contact us if you need help. If you are able to, please use the online tools to help you manage your symptoms. There is a lot of good information available on the Covid 19 website or Health Navigator.
Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are available to order via Requests Rats at Covid 19 Health if you have symptoms or are a household contact. These can be collected from your nearest Collection point. Sorry we are not providing Supervised RAT tests for travel nor are we selling RAT tests. There are lots of other places providing these services in the area. Please repot a positive result in My Covid vaccine App or phone 0800 358 5453 to let them know as this will let your GP know that you have tested positive.
If you feel you need help with a RAT test, you have long term health concerns and think you may have Covid please do contact us for help.
If you are waiting for a Covid swab result please keep an eye on your My Covid App where you got your vaccine pass. Results are posted there, as well as links to what to do if you test positive. You can also upload Positive RAT test results there.
For people who need financial or welfare support while isolating the MSD Covid number 0800 512 337
Practice Plus
Mana Medical Centre now offers a telephone consultation service 5-10pm week nights and weekends 8-8pm via Practice Plus. Please follow the link on our website. This is an alternative to physically presenting to the Afterhours Medical Centre.
Stuck at home? Need help from our HIP – Catherine Joe??
If you are stuck at home due to illness or because you are wanting to keep yourself and your family safe from COVID, help is still available on the phone or video from Catherine our Health Improvement Practitioner (HIP)
Any problems such as sleep, stress, low mood, relationship difficulties, grief, lifestyle issues, pain, addiction, family violence, parenting, difficulties at work, coping with illness, loneliness and other social difficulties, our H.I.P. is available to help and support you by phone.
Health Coach / Community Support Worker
Margaret Adams is a Health Coach / Community Support Worker available Monday to Friday. Her services are also free. Just ask – Catherine our HIP and she will be able to send off your details to Margaret.
Margaret is able to help with exercise and being active, housing, paid work, WINZ, money matters, loneliness, healthy eating, smoking, connecting with social services, community groups or charities to help with housing food or social connection, support with medication management and independence.

Nga mihi
Team @ Mana Medical Centre

Covid Protection Framework – ORANGE 3rd Dec 2021

Congratulations to you all – over 91% of our eligible population here at Mana Medical Centre are fully vaccinated.  Well done everyone – helping our community to be safer community!

Today we have moved to the new Covid Protection Framework (Traffic light system) – Orange.

At this stage you will notice a few small changes within the practice.

One being all patients and visitors that come in through the front door are required to wear a mask. We do have a different process for patients that have a mask exemption. Please alert our staff when booking your appointment.

Our triaging when you call to make an appointment continues and if your Covid vaccine is not recorded in our system we will be asking the question if you are vaccinated.

We have opened up our bookings on MMH to phone consultation bookings only.

If you are unwell with cold & flu (or Covid!) symptoms, please do not come into the practice. Please phone us from home we will be able to assist you.

Using the Covid Tracer App is required.

All visitors to the practice will be need to produce their vaccine pass at reception.

If you haven’t booked your vaccine as yet please, go to bookmyvaccine to book your vaccine today.

Our aim at Mana Medical Centre is to protect our staff, community and especially the community not able to be vaccinated due to age.

Ngā mihi

4th November 2021

As you are likely aware, the delta variant of Covid-19 is circulating in parts of NZ. Preparations are well underway for its arrival into the Wellington region.

Many GP practices are planning for how they will keep their communities safe, and we are no exception.
Once we have cases in the Wellington Region we will be changing the way we look after you all until we feel the risk has lessened significantly.
This will largely impact on our unvaccinated patients, who have a higher risk of transmission, death and serious illness with Covid-19.
We are currently looking at a model where unvaccinated and/or unmasked patients will only be offered face to face consultation when considered clinically necessary.
This is in line with what many other practices are planning and is no way unusual.
Nothing is finalised, but this is just a heads up that there will be changes, and these changes will be designed to protect the greatest number of people as possible.
The above will not apply to under 12year olds at this stage.

We do strongly advise vaccination – if you have not done so as yet please go to bookmyvaccine to make your appointment. If you have any questions regarding the vaccine please don’t hesitate to make an appointment with your GP to discuss.

Our community has done an amazing job! We are approaching the 90% mark for double vaccinations.
Thank you for all your support over this challenging time, we couldn’t have got through it without your support, kind wishes and baking.

Many Thanks
From the Team at Mana Medical Centre

If you are on facebook – please follow our page “Mana Medical Centre Ltd” to keep updated with any additional educational information.

Our aim is to provide healthcare to all that need it. During a pandemic it is very important to reduce the spread of the disease and to protect the healthcare workers so we can care for you.

For updated information please go to COVID-19, visit

For advice please call Healthline on 08003585453

If you have been advised by the healthline team to see your GP, please stay home and call us on 04 2338019 and speak to one of our health professionals.

For further information from the Ministry of Health please click here

Please click here for a good resource for kids on Covid19.

If you are having any anxiety issues this site may assist you and your family.

FACE COVID – How to respond effectively to the corona crisis click here