Dive Medical’s

The Occupational Dive Medical is required for anyone working as a diver in an occupational capacity, by Worksafe New Zealand.

What is involved :

Please call  04 233 8019 to book an appointment through our reception team and allow at least one and a half hours for this.  The annual questionnaire should be completed prior to your appointment ( it can be done in the waiting room).

This can be obtained from the receptionist or, if you prefer, directly downloaded from the work safe NZ website click here

The Occupational Dive Medical consists of a 30 minute appointment with the doctor, followed by a 45 minute appointment with the nurse who will complete a spirometry (lung function test), hearing test, urinalysis and colour vision test.

Other tests may be required depending on the clinical indication.

You will need to bring photo identification (e.g. passport or drivers license).  Please also bring a list of your medications if you are on any.

The total cost is approx $300 for the doctors appointment, spirometry and audiogram.  This includes review of results and completion of forms or referral for further investigation if there is any requirement for this.

To book an appointment for a dive medical please call 04 233 8019 and speak to one of our receptionists.