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107 Mana Esplanade

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CONSULTATION charges for in person/phone/videoACC charges for in person/phone/video
AGEEnrolled and Funded PatientsEnrolled and Funded Patients (with CSC)Casual Patients
Casual Patients
(with CSC)
Enrolled and Casual PatientsEnrolled Patients (with CSC)Casual Patients (with CSC)
0 – 5 yrs$0.00$0.00$35.00$30.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
6 – 13 yrs$0.00$0.00$55.00$50.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
14 – 17 yrs$38.00$13.00$75.00$70.00$38.00$14.00
18- 24yrs$50.00$19.00$100.00$90.00$50.00$27.50$56.50
25-44 yrs$56.00$19.00$100.00$90.00$56.00$29.00$56.50
65 yrs and above$49.00$19.00$100.00$90.00$49.00$24.00$56.50

Materials will incur an additional charge

Double Appointment$98.00
NZTA licience renewal$95.00
Home Visit$40.00 + Consultation Fee
Liquid Nitrogen (additional to consult charge)$15.00
Minor Surgery$POA
Recreational Dive Medical$100.00
Commercial Dive Medicalup to $370.00
Travel Consults (Vaccinations incur additional costs)
One Person Travel$104.00
Two Person Travel$147.00
Per family of 4 $195.00
Yellow Fever Consult (requires an appointment with our Travel Doctor)$174.00 for 1-2 people
Nursing Consult$29.00
Cervical Smear/ Sexual Health Consult $40.00
Diet and Lifestyle education $55.00
ECG $60.00
Spirometry $60.00
Audiogram $60.00
Acclasta Infusion $130.00
REPEAT SCRIPTS All scripts are sent electronically, please provide us with the name of the pharmacy when requesting. If we are not informed of a pharmacy we will by default send your script to Mana Pharmacy.
Script Fee for All Patients Under 14 yearsFREE
Urgent Script for all Patients Under 14 Years$8.00
Script Fee for all Patients over 14 years$23.00
Urgent Scripts $30.00
Script Fee for 2 family members$32.00
Script Fee for more than 2 family members$40.00