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Health Improvement Practitioner

A health improvement practitioner is an extension to our team that provides help and support to patients with any problem that you or a family member has. Some areas that may concern you could be:

Stress, Anxiety, Addictions, Medical Conditions, Depression, Job or Relationship issues, School or Training Issues, Mental Health, Pain, Sleep, Parenting, Children’s Behaviour, Grief etc.

A 20 minute consultation will provide you with time to talk about the problem bothering you, and they will help, come up with a plan that is meaningful and helpful.

This service is free for our patients here at Mana Medical Centre and you can make it on the same day as you see your nurse or doctor, so ask your nurse, doctor or receptionist.

We currently have this position vacant and will have a new health improvement practitioner joining us as part of our team in mid November position, they will be working on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.