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Medical Records & StethoscopeMedical Consultations

We have doctors with a broad range of expertise. Other than catering for the usual general medical and accident consultations, we have doctors with interests in women’s health, children’s health, men’s health, dive medicals and corporate health.

Our consultation time is normally for fifteen minutes however if you intend to bring up more than one issue, we would advise booking a longer period ie 30 minutes for a smear and breast check, or a repeat of your script plus another medical issue you would like to discuss. There is an addition charge for a double appointment.

All referral letters and other miscellaneous forms completed may incur an additional charge.

Other services provided include:

  • Minor Surgery: we perform surgery on a regular basis. We deal with skin cancers, ingrown toenails, skin tags, moles, cysts, and lipomas.
  • Insurance Medical Examinations
  • Driving Medicals
  • Pre-Employment Medicals

To book an appointment please call 04 233 8019 and speak to one of our receptionists.