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Mana Medical Centre offers comprehensive general medical care to its patients

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This includes the diagnosis, treatment and management of common medical conditions.

The doctors work alongside the hospital physicians and surgeons, and if required appropriate referrals can and will be made appropriately.

This can be to the public (Government funded hospital system) or private sector (patients can self fund or assisted through their medical insurance provider). Additional costs will apply for this service.

Phone and  Video Consultations – Terms and Conditions

We offer phone and video consultations. These will be charged at the same rate as a face to face consultation.

Clearly there are pros and cons to these consults versus a traditional face to face visit

They are more convenient as they don’t involve any travel to the practice.

But the diagnosis may not be as accurate as a face to face consultation if an examination is required.

Situations that probably won’t work well

  • Chest or stomach pain – these often need an examination
  • Injuries
  • Blood Pressure check – unless you and your GP are happy to rely on home readings

Situations that might work

  • Rash, if we can establish a video link with you on your smart phone. Bear in mind though that the feel of a rash is often important in diagnosis, as is a good video connection
  • Cold, sinus infection for a week or so with no shortness of breath

Situations that would probably work well

  • Check in regarding mental health, repeat of antidepressants – this often doesn’t require a physical examination

To refer to the hospital or a specialist, we will require a face to face consultation as this is the current convention – In exceptional circumstances exemptions may apply

Until this point, if we have thought you need examination after your phone consult we have been booking patients a second, free appointment, but this is unsustainable in the long term.

So, if after your phone consult we recommend you come in, we will have to charge you for this second appointment. Obviously, it’s your choice whether you come in for this or not and we can do the best we can with the info we have gained on the phone to come up with a plan that doesn’t require this – but it’s our clinical responsibility to let you know when we think you would benefit from further review.